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"I was referred to Percy by my loan officer. While in the process of refinancing my home it was discovered that I had late payments on my credit report that were wrong. The late ..."

Dee W. Virgin

CPS Inv.

"Me and my wife were referred to Mr. Lowe because there was a item on my credit that needed to be removed in order to put me in position to purchase a home. Immediately he begin ..."

Stanley Sanders II

Extremely satisfied

"I got a secured credit card through Mr Percy Lowe to raise my credit, it only took 4 days to get the card. I used it for paying bills only, I'm glad I did. Mr. Percy Lowe has be..."


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Unlocking Financial Success specializes in:

1) Effective & Advance Budgeting              8) Small Business Mgmt Ser.

2) Credit Education & Investigation              9) Small Business Advisory

3) Mortgage Advisory                                10) Secured Credit Cards

4) Bankruptcy Recovery                           11) Teens/ College & Credit

5) Credit Monitoring                                  12) Wealth Building Coming Soon

6) FDCPA Protection                                13) Real Estate Funding

7) Credit Score Building                           14) Merchant Services Analysis

Well the people of america needs a new paradigm shift in their financial lives. Their is no need to look anywhere else; Lowe's Advisory Group is your paradigm shift buckle up God is in total control.

Please checkout the tabs at the top for the services that is going to bring you the paradigm shift in your financial future. That will give you the control that you never had before no matter where the economy is headed. We also are available for public speaking but only for the expertise we are educated in talking about. We will work with organization, church, and community to host special events as well. The online section is available check the up coming events calendar.

We will be offering credit education and investigation. We strongly believe in Unlocking Financial Success first in the lives of each consumer. Each client will be able to obtain their 3-in-1 credit report and score with our services. Everyone will go through debt collectors education so they will know how to communicate with a debt collector. It is very easy to re-age your debt and the Statue of Limitation of your respective state law so our goal is to educate you on how not to re-age your debt. Our goal is to educate you and teach you how to sue a debt collector. Everyone wants to learn credit score building and we going to give you the keys to the successful way to build a strong credit score. We will teach you three ways to build your credit score during the process of credit education and investigation process. One of our best ways is to provide each client with the top secured credit cards on the market. We will offer small business development as well helping structure, fund, and analyze all financials of the business.

Proverbs 18:15 Intelligent people are always open to new ideas; in fact, they look for them 

Certified Business Advisor