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Collection Company calls. What to do next?

Posted by Percy A Lowe on May 18, 2012 at 10:40 AM

So, often we are bugged by collection companies. They start calling our homes, cell phones, and jobs. They will go as far as calling family as well. Because these companies have some great software to find you and dig into all your personal life finances. They know what to say to you and when it don't work. Then that is when it goes into scare tactic mode, threatening mode,  and fear mode. They are well trained individuals at what they do on  daily basis.

So, that means the comsumer needs first the education to know how to handle them. Next, the consumer needs to know there rights as well. Last, the consumer needs to know their state rights. Every state has state laws on collection companies. Most important their is a violation that mostly every collection company violates and in return you can be awarded one-thousand dollars ($1,000) per incident. So, on and adverage a collection company can call you several times a day. Are even several times a week at home, job, and the wrong hours of the day. As, consumers we need to know everything in our favor.

That is were the education comes in teaching us how to battle this little monster. Also, teaching us how to talk to them and what to ask them while one the phone. One of the best qualities now is your cellphone. Because your cellphone has the ability now days to recored every conversation. As long as you let them know that you are going to record the conversation. If you can remember when the (CC) calls you they begin to talk fast and after they get their first few words out. They say " I want to inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt and this call is recored are monitored". Then that when you say to them back " Hello what is your name and ID numer and speak slowly because this call is being record through my cell phone and I like for you to repeat everything you said please."

Finally, their is a lot more you need to learn and be taught. So, you can win the $1,000 dollars. So, please become a member of Covering You with Wealth. Just as well as look at the calendar of events because on June 2, 2012, I will teach this entire telephone session.

Categories: Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Protection

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