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Collection Agentcy Truth

Posted by Percy A Lowe on June 14, 2012 at 12:10 PM

FDCPA: With this protection you be able to file a law suite against fradulent Practices.

First, everyone must understand that collection companies needs to be license and bonded in the respected states they are collecting debt in. Are have their company registerd in the state they want to collect in. As for as Texas their are 1813 Collection companies but the questionis how many are legal. As consumers we don't know how to communicate with these companies to fight back the right way. Know that your have the power if you know are want to learn how to communicate with them. Just never turn down the call because as they tape the call you can now days tape the call as well. Learn your states rights to taping phone calls. In Texas you have to state to the other party that this call is being taped. Now, with the new cellphone make sure you have a recording device or app downloaded.

Next, is the most important thing about dealing with collections companies I list a few things below. But, please get yourself some (FDCPA PROTECTION) you can get your entire family protect for $200.00. That will cover you and the family for a one-time fee. Below is what you need to know:

    1) Collection Call Script would be nice

     2) Stop Calling Collection Letter

     3) Know your position

     4) Know your rights

     5) Make wise decision

     6) Take the call

     7) Are you able to record the call

     8) Are you fully Protected

     9) Be ready to take notes

     10) Don't be afriad to ask repeat this please

     11) Be Polite: Kill the with kindness

     12) Slow them down if they talk to fast

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, often referred to as the "FDCPA", was passed by Congress in response to abusive conduct by collection agencies, and concern that the abuses were causing an increase in the filings of personal bankruptcies. The purpose of the Act is to provide guidelines for collection agencies which are seeking to collect legitimate debts, while providing protections and remedies for debtors.

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