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How to Deal with Collection Companies

Posted by Percy A Lowe on July 9, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Everyone hates to get calls from debt collectors. They seem to have everything in place to call you at home, on cell phone, and place of employment. When actually you can put a stop to all of the calls and the actions they take in trying to down grade your character. Debt Collection Companies use sophisticated software to look into your life and see what you have. So, they can find away to come at you for money you might not owe and they might not be l able to legally collect in your state. Being able to collect debt in your state is another topic I will discuss later. Everyone should know their state rights just as well as the government right for Debt Collectors. If you don't know then you might want to contact me for the answers for your respected state. 

But for now I am going to brerak down four things you need to stop a debt collectors. With the opportunity to win a law suite accordingly to your state laws. The amount varies based on your state I am just sharing with you based on Texas law right now. The amount can be as high as one thousand dollars and lower than a thousand dollars. The fact is it's a dividen you didn't have and earn by following some simple direction. 

1) Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Protection: This protect is just like you having any type of Insurance but this is a automactic win win situation. For every violation that debt collector has done. So, that means each call to your job, home, and cell phone. The great thing about this is they call cell phone more than anything because they know you going to answer. So, make sure your cell phone has a recorder on it and right after they introduce themselves and say the call is being recored. You introduce yourself and say the call is being recorded and make sure yousay (YOU DON'T MINE MR OR MRS DEBT COLLECTOR) then ask them to repeat everythign they said because you was busy getting your recorder ready and really didn't hear anything they said: "I don't want to agree to anything I feel I don't owe so please can you repeat everything. Make sure you say your name and ID badge number clearly for me please."

2) Collection Company Call Script: This is a script on how to talk to a debt collector. It will guide you with everything you need to know. Now you might find some online but it is better you have it taylor to you personally, because you know more about your own situation .I can taylor this script to say just what it needed for you. 

3) Creditors Validation Letter: This is a powerful letter that can give you all the control back from the debt collector if used right. You have to make sure you have all the information from a debt collector. Now, if you are going to ask for the info while on the phone with the collector you will not get anything. Then you just blew it for a moment until they think of another way to come at you; therefor you have to have this letter to mail to them certified with signature confirmation. This is like catching them off guard and getting them to do something they normally wouldn't do but they think they are going to collect on a debt. That is why the collection call script is so important to guide them so, you will have the opportunity to use the creditor validation letter. 

4) Debt Collectors Stop Calling Letter: After steps 2 and 3 have been done. This is where you now can let the collection company know that they can not call you at your job, work, are cell phone. You now have all the control and can sit back and wait for them to call you. Now, after the creditors validation letter they normally will send you letter back stating they have stop persuing this debt; you need to keep that information for your records. If the debt collection compnay resale your illegal debt to some other debt collectors company  to make money from the debt ; you will have the documentation of the letter stating they stop persuing the debt to show. Make sure this letter and the letter on step 3 always sent out certified with signature confirmation. 

Now, the great thing about my client is they have the ability to use step 1 after they have completed steps 2 thru 4. They never have to go to court just wait for the thousand dollar ($1,000) law suit . But one thing everyone must know is if you attack this right and not only send these letter to the collection company. Make sure the FTC and  Attorney General Office of your state gets a copy of the letter you send out as well.  

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