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Learning to Leverage your credit score

Posted by Percy A Lowe on January 10, 2013 at 6:10 AM

Often we hear people talking about raising and boosting their credit scores. How often we hear people talking are teaching how to leverage the credit scores. Not, often enough why, glad you asked because it is a numbers game. With 90% of American not good with numbers and don't understand how the credit numbers really work. Well one thing is for sure that is the higher the credit scores the more points that are taken away when your credit determines what is going to happen with your purchase. Then the lower the credit scores the least points are taken away.

Well in this case how can someone leverage themselves against the credit system? There are two ways this can be done and it helps the consumer maintain a credit score at 700 and above. The one thing that has to take into account is can you payoff all you charge on an unsecured credit card at the end of the month. Another thing is you using automatic draft from your account are you using your debt card to pay online bills. Neither of the two helps raise your credit score at all. But I know you saying paying your bills doesn't do anything to help your credit score. Yeah, you are right but if taught how to change that would you change it is the point. Don't use prepaid cards to handle things other than online purchases so no hackler want hack into your account information. We discuss the wise use of prepaid credit cards in 2013 as well.

Now, let’s get to leverage your credit score in 2013. The first thing is if you have a unsecured credit card and can put all your bills: lights, water, gas, all insurance, cell phones, and other things that is not reported to the credit bureau on the card. Then pay it off at the end of the month do so, that will help raise the score. Think not every American can do this they pay their bills out of their account and with debt cards. Some even still go to the grocery stores to pay bills come on people. You will pay certain bills till you die on-time guess what you never get credit for your accountability. So, why want you get you a secured credit card pay all your bills with the secured credit card. Transfer the funds from your account checking or saving. Then pay all your bills and groceries as well with a secured credit card. Keep doing this as long as you are paying these bills. So, when you buy at stores that say we have to check your credit. Then you are approved. Whatever points you lose you will gain right back within months even more points because you are paying the Conn's Bill on-time, the car note on-time, and etc. The key is to get secured credit cards that don’t check your credit for you to get the card. You control the new line of credit with your own deposit remember new line of credit account for 10% of your credit score rating. Why not add positive points this way.

Inquire how to set this system up at: by clicking the Inquiries tab under teens & Credit. After reading the post be sure you: Like, Comment, and Share with others


Categories: Credit Education and Restoration

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