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Posted by Percy A Lowe on March 8, 2013 at 1:00 AM

In today's society, debt seems like a very easy thing to make. This is actually a bad habit that we developed over the years - borrowing money in the hopes that our future income can supports its payments. If you define debt this way, you can immediately assume that there is no such thing as good debts - in fact it is always negative. That is because you never been taught the time value of money. So, you think debt is always a bad thing in which it is your thinking that is bad.

However, just as it is ridiculous to accept the possibility of a good debt, the same can be true with bad debts. Debt is, in essence, a monetary transaction between lender and borrower wherein the former profits from. It is neither good or bad. It does not seek to trick anyone - at least if you read all the fine prints. The government keeps a close eye on lending transactions and encourages borrowers to uncover any hidden fees before borrowing. So putting all technicality aside, debt is a simple business transaction. Because you don't read the fine print the leander is the crook, in fact you just duped yourself. For, not reading and asking question that important to your leading process. 

At this point, you may be wondering, if debt is not bad, then why does it cause so much stress and despair? Glad you are wondering this. The lending institution are using mathematical algorithums to keep you in debt long enough to double their profits. While you are using adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying. Invest in what they are using to see how you can play the same game they are playing. If you going to play in the game then pay in the game.

The answer to that lies in different external factors that has nothing to do with the essence of debts. It becomes as destructive as it is based on how we choose to use the money that we borrowed. If we used that money over unnecessary things, then that is when it becomes a bad thing. It starts to become a burden because it was spent on things that had no bearing to the borrower's growth - whether that is in the financial (business) or personal sense.

In effect, debt becomes either a bad or good financial transaction based on how we react to it. So, change your thinking and you change your reaction to debt. 

Given that reasoning you can assume that for debt to be considered good, you have to know how to use it well. That simply means using the debt fund as an investment. If you use it that way, you get to grow your wealth and eventually harness that investment to be able to pay off its own loan. In this scenario, debt does not end up being a burden. Instead it was converted to be a source of income that supports not only the debt payments itself, but the other expenses that the borrower makes.

This reasoning can actually help anyone conquer debt - especially if you chose to use debt consolidation loans as your solution. You can view the new loan not as a way out of your debt obligations but as an opportunity to turn around your debt woes and begin to reconstruct your damaged finances. There is nothing that you can do about your current debts and how they were spent. What you need to focus on is to make sure all debts incurred from hereon will be used to fuel your growth. Whether that is to finance a business, pay of your debts or build up your equity, debt can be used to result into something good.

This reasoning will not relieve the fact that debt is still risky but at least, this perception will remove the fear and aversion that we all have against the money lending industry. if you want to borrow money from the lending industry you are going to need a financial tool that can turn their system in your favor. Check out the Mortgage Advisory section of: if you have any question leave a inquiry please from the site.

The bottom line is this: use debts wisely and for the purpose of growth so it contributes positively to your personal well-being. If you will incur debt for any other reason than this, then you may want to think twice before you make it.


Categories: Mortgage Advisory

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