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Debt Collectors Secret Part 2

Posted by Percy A Lowe on March 12, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Don't Speak to Them: Is the best way to keep from re-aging the debt




The best way to avoid accidentally re-aging your debt is to refuse to speak to a debt collector on the phone. Remember, they're trained to get to you to do or say something that will re-age the debt, so you should avoid this at all costs. Instead, when a collector calls about a debt that has passed the statute of limitations, simply hang up the phone without saying a word, or let your answering machine or voice mail pick up the call. Are get you a debt collectors call script from: Lowes Financial



Show up in Court



Some debt collection agencies will file lawsuits on time-barred debt in hopes that the consumer won't show up and they'll win by default - and unfortunately, that's exactly what happens many times. If you're served notice for a hearing on a debt that's past the statute of limitations, don't assume that you'll win the case even if you're not there. Some states require that the consumer show up to court and present evidence that the debt is indeed time-barred.



The statute of limitations can work in your favor if you have a time-barred debt, but it's important for you to know the rules. Learn your rights by researching the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and then never be a victim to a rouge debt collection agent again.





By carefully stating half-truths and lettingyour imagination run away, the agentscan bend your mind so that you preceive the reality he wants you to see. The agent conjures an ominous future that he wishes was the truth and gets you to believe that it is truth. The collector will keep you on the phone until they wear down your resistance. The longer you are on the phone, the more time they have to try their psychological weapons until they find your hot buttons.

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