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Ways a Debt Collector can Violate your rights

Posted by Percy A Lowe on July 16, 2013 at 1:00 AM

Often times in our lives we are goingto go through a down time. Just because we do that still don't mean our rights as a consumer should be violated. If you are having any of these issues please please visit the site that this blog came from and fill out an inquiry form to explain your problem. 

Embarrassing calls at work


Calls to neighbors


Threats of jail and even violence.


Taking money without your permission from your bank accounts


Use of or threatening violence or criminal means to harm you;


Using obscene or profane language;


Telephoning you repeatedly or continuously with the intent to annoy or harass;


Calling without telling you who they are including lying about their name.


Lying by telling you that they are government agents, especially ICE or INS;


Lying by telling you that they will seize, garnish or sell any property or wages before they sue you, go to court and get a judgment (They can’t do any of those till they get a judgment)


Lying by telling you that you have committed a crime by not paying the debt


Lying by telling you that you will be arrested or imprisoned;


Threatening to tell false credit information to any other person;


Lying about being employed by or from a credit bureau;


Lying saying or implying that they are lawyers or that they have hired a lawyer to collect the debt;


Use of a false or made up name;


Lying about the amount of the debt;

Categories: Fair Debt Collection Practice Act Protection

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