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10 Step to improving and maintaining your credit socre

Posted by Percy A Lowe on September 25, 2013 at 7:00 AM

Here are ten tips to raise your credit socre and maintaining your score above the state average.

1. Start with your Credit Report and Credit Monitoring.

    A. make sure you get your credit report from a source you can read well.

    B. get help with reading the credit report and credit monitoring

2. Create a Monthly Expense Sheet

    A. this sheet is used to see how much you have to use to raise your score

    B.  where you can make some financial adjustments as well that will help

3. Take your life needs with the right secured credit or unsecured credit to build your score

    A. taking your lights, water, gas, insurance, vehicle gas bill, and etc to build your score

    B. Do a full secured credit card search and research if you are alone are connect to: coveringyouwithwealth

4. Pay you account bills on time

    A. your existing accounts you have open pay them on-time

    B. if you fall into a financial hardship situation you need a letter drafted to explain the financial hard ship

5. Use your extra or discretionary income as leverage with a Credit Union or Local Bank

    A. put your extra income or discretionary income in a savings account with a credit union or local bank

    B. this is how you build a relationship of trust with a credit union and local bank     

6. Pay down your debt

    A. fully amortize your debt to pay them down wisely

    B. be on-time while paying them down

7. Don't close Credit Cards or Revolving Accounts

    A. try not to close out the account with one huge payment

    B. remember that the lenght of time is important 

8. Apply for Credit Sparringly

    A. watch openning up new accounts

    B. don't open account you don't need

9. Stay away from Department Store Cards

    A. try to stay away from department store cards

    B. some department store cards are useless and some are good for rebates

10. Stay away from mail-in and email credit card offers 

     A. stay away from pre-paid debt cards as well but the best pre-paid card is Wal-Mart green dot card

     B. just throw away the mail-in and email credit cards 

     C. reframe from using your bak debt card for purchases you are losing money

There is more to learn on: coveringyouwithwealth

By: Percy A Lowe

Categories: Building Credit Score

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