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I'm Percy A. Lowe the founder of Lowe's Financial. I have been a part of the financial industry since 2005 as a Financial Coach. I'm a native Texan, living in Houston. I have two daughters born 7/31/1997 and 8/8/2003. While in college my studies where in Psychology and Mathematics. My understanding of numbers has brought me to the full understanding of building financial success for others. Numbers has always been a part of my life. After spending more time seeking after what God wants to use me for my eyes became open in July 2004.

After realizing my talent can be used to help people accomplish great financial success. I never knew how much joy I get out of helping others accomplish financial success. To help people solve problems that bring blessings to their personal financial lives and help small business build successful financial solution. I started my company October of 2004.

You are going to encounter my passion for your personal and business financial success. At, times you will see me more enthused about your financial success and ability to build wealth. That's because I know what I'm doing is God's will. I made the commitment with God to help everyone I can come in contact with to build better personal and business financial futures. So, they can live a much fuller life with God's finances that God has bestowed on them.

Earlier on in life I never took my gift serious but after asking God to help me make better use my talent in understand numbers. I have been blessed to start a personal and business coaching and consulting company. So, that I can engage in building financial success in today’s Small Businesses. You will see and hear my passion to helping direct you in the right direction. That is because I know God is using me as the vessel in your life to deliver a blessing from God through me to you. I look forward to us talking and being a blessing to one another.

Mission Statement

This company is founded on three principles: First, what we do must please God first. Secondly, God?s people must be blessed generationally. Thirdly, we wait on God?s blessing to us so we can continue to be a blessing to others. 


 The goals of Unlocking Financial Success are to be at total service to you. Listen to your financial needs and applying the best way to a better financial future. To display total honesty about your personal and business financial situation to help you develop a realistic financial future that will last for generations. That will help you create generational wealth for your family.

Personal Quote

Don't turn down God while God is trying to bless you through someone else on God's earthly kingdom. Don't turn down whom God is sending with your blessing. Because you are only turning down God's will for your life. The person God is using to bless you is only the vessel being used to be the blessing in your life. God is working the blessing through them to bless you.

By: Percy A Lowe 

Company Motto

I am here to alleviate the pain in your personal and business financial lives. By using the 7(F) plan for your personal and business lives: Faith, Favor, Fairness, Fellowship, Finance, Family, and Future. I am here to bring a paradigm shift in your personal and business financial futures through thought process first. 

Faith: I will fight to develop and demonstrate my Christian faith daily (James 2:17)

Favor: I will fight to maintain a belief system and behavior pattern that will release God's Favor upon my personal and professional life (Psalm 5:12)

Fairness: I will fight to acquire a disciplined and prudent life; doing what is right and just and fair (Proverbs1:3)

Fellowship: I will fight for righteous fellowship in my life that will position me to glorify God and defeat the works of the devil (1 John 1:7)

Finance: I will fight to earn, give, save, spend, and invest money in obedience to God's perfect plan for my life (1 Timothy 6:10)

Family: I will fight to be a priestly provider and protector of my family's tangible and intangible needs (Psalm 68:6)

Future: I choose God's future for me and my house, and will fight to see God's future become our reality (Jeremiah 29:11)