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This workshop will cost $80.00 you will need to fill out the inquiry form on the website given under the more tab. When you fill it out you will need to put in the message box (city, state, and I like to attend the Home Buying Workshop on this date and time). This event will provide all credit reports and secured credit cards for everyone who attends. Make sure you have a credit card or debit card with at least $1.00 dollar.

Next, if you like for your credit report to be analyzed to explain everything wrong with it from the government level and state level that is part of the $80.00 and your food, door prize, give always, and home buying raffle. If not then you just pay the $25.00 dollars for the event and food. If you decide after the seminar that now you want your credit report analyze it is going to cost you $80.00. If you pay the $80.00 you will receive the $50.00 dollar gift card at your local restaurant. You will be given a work book to help you better understand the mortgage process and price range of home you need to purchase in. You be given a USB drive to save certain things on to keep for good.

You are provided with an phone number and fax number below use them. The phone number is for any question to be answered. The fax number is provided for your referral list. So, we can count your referrals. Make sure you get your referal in within 24 hours of the event. All this can be done online in a timely matter. You will receive an email with all the instructions within 12hours are less from sending your inquiry. I advise you to do your inquiry first. Please fill out the contact form below this event and in the message box be as detail as possible leave the best times to reach you at by phone call and the number.

Please do not try and explain what the event will cover. Direct them to the Up Coming Events tab on the site please. You can let them know about the Prizes if you like and the gift card for completing the registration completely. Leave the detail information up to me please. The information below is where they can reach me on. Once an event is put together for your (City & State it will go up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & my event calendar) Best place to send people is the event calendar.

Be sure to go to the Facebook link to like the fan page, like the event, comment on the event, join the event, and invite your friends to the event on Facebook. Don’t forget to share the event on your facebook timeline please. When you get a referral fill the referral form you are given out. Send the referral by fax, email, are have your referral fill out an inquiry from. If you like to get started with the credit restoration the workshop price is $300 dollars. Make sure the referral mention your first and last name in the message box provided. For each referral you bring to the workshop that signs-up for credit restoration you will receive a $25.00 referral fee.

Percy A Lowe

Phone: 832-699-0304

Fax: (866) 399-2810

session1 (8am to 9:30am) session2 (10am to 11:30am) session 3 (12pm to 1:30pm)

session4 (2pm to 3:30pm) session 5 (4pm to 6pm) FOOD WILL BE SERVED

Raffled Prizes:

1st prize $1500 Appliance; 2nd prize $1000 furniture, 3rd Prize $800 Big ScreenTV

Door Prizes:

First Prize: 2 HP Note Books Valued at $480

Second Prize: 2 Barnes and Noble Nook E-Reader Valued at $120

Third Prize: Macy’s Shopping Spree $75.00 Cash and Palais Royals Shopping Spree $75.00