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"Me and my wife were referred to Mr. Lowe because there was a item on my credit that needed to be removed in order to put me in position to purchase a home. Immediately he begin ..."

Stanley Sanders II

Extremely satisfied

"I was referred to Percy by my loan officer. While in the process of refinancing my home it was discovered that I had late payments on my credit report that were wrong. The late ..."

Dee W. Virgin

CPS Inv.

"I got a secured credit card through Mr Percy Lowe to raise my credit, it only took 4 days to get the card. I used it for paying bills only, I'm glad I did. Mr. Percy Lowe has be..."


Satisfied CPA

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Online Jewelery Club

Open Your own new Line of Credit

Points to remeber:

  • Up to $5,000 Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit

  • Miniumum $100 initial order required with 50% down payment

  • One hard inquiry from Experian

  • Reports to all 3 Bureaus monthly, accounts usually populated between the 5th and the 15th

  • Fully Refundable Membership fee and down payment if not approved


  • Active open bankrptcies

  • Tax liens over $25,000

  • Child Support

Please click the link below: